The Dallas Advisory Board met on September 11,1990 and approved a motion to extend their work through the formation of a Women's Auxiliary.  Margot Perot focused on this vision and called a few friends together to brainstorm on the creation of the Dallas Women's Auxiliary.  Eventhough the process took several months, charter members recruited others and the membership more than doubled by the first meeting on February 5, 1991. The Charter was presented to The Salvation Army Representative, Major Esther Morrow, where Joanie Slaughter was installed as President. 

Mrs. Reuben (Lindalyn) Adams
Mrs. Kenneth (Ruth) Altshuler
Mrs. W. W. (Virginia) Clements
Mrs. James (Dee) Collins
Mrs. Kenneth (Millie) Cooper
Mrs. William R. (Susan) Cooper
Mrs. Robert (Nancy) Dedman
Mrs. Ben (Nell) Denman
Mrs. Cam F. (Evelyn) Dowell, Jr.
Mrs. Thomas M. (Sally) Dunning

Mrs. James (Mary Beth) Gardner
Mrs. James L. (Carol) Hailey
Mrs. Louis (Betty) Harlan
Mrs. Henry (Chandler) Lindsley III
Mrs. James C. (Barbara) McCormick
Mrs. Craig (Ruth) Millis
Mrs. Louis (Fay Beth) Moore
Mrs. Jon L. (Paula) Mosle
Mrs. H. Ross (Margot) Perot
Mrs. Robert (Rebecca) Power