There is still time to send in your membership dues and
make it into our directory.  New members are also welcome.  Please go to our Membership page and click where it says you can print off a form to fill out and mail in with your payment.


You may contact our Auxiliary Secretary Rita Brooks at 214-637-8122 and give her your information and payment over the phone.  Feel free to leave a message, and she will be glad to get back with you.

You won't want to miss out on all our events this year and help others 
by Doing the Most Good!

Enjoy fun, friendship, and helping those in need.

Membership Chairs:
Carol Seay, Stephanie Seay, & Marilyn Spencer


August 1st, we filled 1,000 backpacks for boys and girls.  They will be starting school with a new backpack filled with needed supplies.  

If you would like to contribute to this fund to help cover expenses,  please see the flyer below.  You may mail in with payment to the address listed at the bottom or call Rita Brooks at 214-637-8122 to donate over the phone.
Thanks for your support!

And thanks to our many volunteers who helped
our Chairs - JoAnna and Toni Turner

Check out our Photo Albums to see pictures from the event.
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